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Are you a lady comics creator with an online store?

I keep seeing all these holiday shopping deals cross my dash and there’s so many it’s impossible to keep track of them all!  I want to help promote your minicomics, prints, t-shirts, etc. so I’d like to collect your links!  Etsy, Big Cartel, even TopatoCo (if you’re special like that!), or just your own site, reply with a link to your shop.  And please reblog so this I can collect links from as many ladies as possible!

Black Friday

If you feel like shopping today, might I point you to the Ladies Making Comics aStore? If you don’t or just want a reminder that not everyone’s in a capitalist frenzy, here’s a few comics that have a social conscience by ladies.  I’ve linked to WorldCat so you might find them in a local library.  If your local library doesn’t have it or is closed today, I’ve linked to IndieBound so you can find it in a independent bookstore (don’t forget to check with your local comics shop either—remember, comics shops are small businesses!).  As a last resort of course, there’s always Amazon.

I’m Not a Plastic Bag by Rachel Hope Allison

Based on the real-life occurrence of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of floating trash in a remote area of the Northern Pacific Ocean more than twice the size of Texas, I’m Not a Plastic Bag tells a moving story about loneliness, beauty, and humankind’s connection to our planet. Produced in conjunction with American Forests and the Global ReLeaf programs, Archaia will plant two trees for each tree used in the manufacturing of this book. Presented in partnership with JeffCorwinConnect, a global, ecological, educational and entertainment multimedia company launched by Jeff Corwin, the popular wildlife expert and nature conservationist. (Ages 6+)

WorldCat | IndieBound | Amazon

The Adventures of Unemployed Man, includes art by Ramona Fradon

MAIN STREET, USA-Against incredible odds, jobless crusader UNEMPLOYED MAN and his sidekick PLAN B embark on a heroic search for work-and quickly find themselves waging an epic battle against The Just Us League, a dastardly group of supervillains including THE HUMAN RESOURCE, TOXIC DEBT BLOB, PINK SLIP and THE INVISIBLE HAND. Experience this action-packed story in THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN-a fearless, brilliant, and provocative book that ASTOUNDS with incisive wit and AMAZES with stunning insights into the desperate situation so many heroes find themselves in today.

WorldCat | IndieBound | Amazon

The Beginning of the American Fall: A Comics Journalist Inside the Occupy Wall Street Movement by Stephanie McMillan

Stephanie McMillan, long-time activist and cartoonist, has waited her entire life for the American people to rise up. Sparked by uprisings around the world, a new movement bursts onto the national scene against a system that denies the people a decent life and puts the planet at risk. With delightful drawings, interviews, dialogue, description, and insightful reflections, this book chronicles the first several months of the fragile and contradictory movement. It situates detailed personal experiences and representative narratives within the broad context of a truly unique and historical global conjuncture. This book will stand as a record of the emerging movement in accessible comics form

WorldCat | IndieBound | Amazon

Discordia: Six Nights in Crisis Athens by Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple

In July 2012, artist Molly Crabapple and journalist Laurie Penny travelled to Greece. There, they drew and interviewed anarchists, autonomists, striking workers and ordinary people caught up in the Euro crisis. DISCORDIA is the result. In an impassioned climate where ‘objective’ journalism is impossible, Penny and Crabapple offer a snapshot of a nation in the grip of a very modern crisis where young and old see little reason to go on, the left is scattered and the far right is assuming greater power and influence. Along the way they drink far too much coffee, become hypnotised by street art, and somehow manage not to get arrested or mugged.

DISCORDIA is an experiment in form, using the illustrated ebook format to its fullest extent to tell a story unique to the wordlength and digital platform involved. Crabapple’s intricate, Victorian-inspired ink drawings lend a timeless quality to what is a conscious foray into a new kind of journalism - inspired by the New Journalism of the 1970s, in particular the art-journalism collaborations of Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman, but reworking that tradition for a 21st century world where young women must still fight at every turn to be taken seriously.

eBook only! Check IndieBound's list of indie eBook sellers. On Kobo or Kindle

Other comics and creators to look out for include World War 3 Illustrated, Attitude, Sue Coe, and Joyce Brabner. Or go check out and see what Susie Cagle, Sarah Glidden, Wendy MacNaughton, and Jen Sorenson are up to.

Happy non-shopping/local shopping!

Her Universe will be launching a bunch of new geekwear on November 28th, including this Leia “Daddy Issues” hoodie with art by one of my favorite artists, Cat Staggs!
Between November 28th and December 14th, you can use the coupon code HOLIDAY11 for free shipping on orders over $40 (which is the cost of the hoodie).  May the Force be with you!

Her Universe will be launching a bunch of new geekwear on November 28th, including this Leia “Daddy Issues” hoodie with art by one of my favorite artists, Cat Staggs!

Between November 28th and December 14th, you can use the coupon code HOLIDAY11 for free shipping on orders over $40 (which is the cost of the hoodie).  May the Force be with you!

The Nu Market Monday

As I stated yesterday, this week I’m starting to link each available issue and book posted to online retailer, and any purchases made therefrom will help support the blog.  And because we’re still technically in the “pre-order” period, everything you order from TFAW will be 20% off!

Now, for whatever reason, a few books are not available through TFAW, and therefore some links go to Amazon, which has a similar affiliate program and will thus still be helping the blog while supporting female creators!


Shameless Plug Sunday!

After these past 9-ish months of running this blog and gaining more than 1300 readrs, combined with the fact the past 3 months of those have been without gainful employment, I have decided to very slightly monetize this blog.

More importantly, I found a way to slightly monetize the blog that would also help promote lady creators!

Things From Another World, or, is an online comic book store that offers everything—single issues, trade paperbacks/graphic novels, and all else offered through the Diamond Comics Distributor. And I’ve been accepted to their affiliate program!

So what does this mean for the blog and my beloved readrs?  Only good things!  Have you ever seen a comic in Market Monday that you wanted to get but found your LCS has run out?  Or do you not even have an LCS near you?  Well, all future posts will come with a handy link where you can buy the comic, at a 10-20% discount! And they ship internationally too!  In addition, I will link all available TPBs/GNs from given creators on Friday ProFiles!

Basically, my goal is to improve your reading experience while also doing more to promote actual sales of works by female creators.  In return, I get a slight commission.  What that money will exactly go towards depends largely on how much I actually get, though I dream of getting my own domain name, starting my own creator grant, or even a whole company!  But really, I’ll settle for being able to defray my comics buying expenses so that I’ll be able to continue to support lady creators myself, as well as staying on top of general trends in the industry.

I’m also looking into my digital options, but for now, enjoy some coupons!  For $10 off any international orders over $100, use the code BUCKY at checkout. For free US shipping on orders $50 or more, use the code NEWBATMAN.

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