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General feelings on the Pinterest crossposts (and other feedback)?

After a day of queuing up material delivered neatly into my drafts straight from my Pinterest boards, I want to know how people feel about them.

I’m getting likes on all the posts, which is good. I haven’t noticed a drop in followers, which is also good.

But I have gotten the complaint that (especially if you follow links from Twitter) you have about four layers of links to go through before you get to the actual source, which is not good (though I do link the source as the content source, that’s easy to overlook).

Pinterest is just ridiculously easy for quick curation of news as I come across it (especially *cough*at work*cough* where *cough*Tumblr is blocked*cough*), and it is the social media outlet with the overwhelmingly female user base, so I like having a presence there.

I’ve been having difficulty juggling my blog time with my job ever since I started it over a year ago, and though my passion for comics has yet to wane, I have other hobbies and interests too— blogging time is simply more feasible to sacrifice.

With my upcoming move, I’m hoping to reorganize all parts of my life so I’m open to all ideas and suggestions about how to proceed. What do you want to see? What kind of posts are of the most interest to you? and so on.

Thanks for your feedback!

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