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Kickstarter Project o’ the Week

Little Heart: A Comic Anthology for Marriage Equality

Little Heart is a comic anthology created to show support for marriage equality, produced in partnership with 2D Cloud & [MN]Love and YOU. The comics included in the volume cover a variety of material, from auto-bio, science fiction, intimate vignettes, romantic incidentals; work created to show that love strikes all walks of life.

This project was spawned by the very urgent need to fight the 2012 referendum that seeks to instill discrimination and hate in the Minnesota state constitution. Since Little Heart’s inception, the project has grown. The reason for the growth is that the issue itself is bigger than Minnesota. Which is why we have enlisted artists across the US, Canada, and a small sampling of international artists.

With this book, our desire is to help get people talking about marriage equality. Little Heart was not created with the idea to shove any ideology down your throat. Instead, it was created to illustrate that relationships and love should be left to individuals to discover on their own. Our hope is that, this is exactly what this book will allow us to show.

Should we raise enough funds for this project to be a success, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the comic will go towards the non-profit [MN]Love — allowing them to keep fighting for marriage equality, tolerance, and love.

They’ve got four days left to raise $2,340!  Why not help and give what you can?

Lady creators involved include: Tuesday Bassen, Emma Reynolds, Ellen Redshaw, Anna Bongiovanni, Hannah Blumenreich, Megan Tulius, Hedwig Vinson + Rachel Kowarski, Milkyboots, Tammy Ray, Sally Madden, Emily Carroll + Kate Craig, MariNaomi, and Meghan Hogan

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