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Tournament Tuesdays: Round 8!

AT LAST!  The last round of the first frame!  Let’s get to it.

The plan is that you’ll have until 10pm EST next Monday to vote (but we’ll see!)

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LMC Tournament: Round 7 Results!

OK!  We’re finally getting around to this!


Mary Jo Duffy squeezed past my herstorian soror Trina, but well-deserved at that!


Metamorpho’s mom won by a hair at the very end!  But good work, both of you, Ramona and Wendy!


I’ve been following Lucy Knisley’s career since she was posting Jeeves & Wooster and Oscar Wilde fanart on LJ as an undergrad, and I’m so happy to see her success both in her career and the Tournament!


Looks like people really love them some Panties!


A good show for Sonia Oback, but Laura Allred’s Pop Art boldness takes this round!

Great!  Check back in, oh, a few minutes for the next round!

Go Vote for your favorite colorist in Round 7 of the LMC Tournament!

Go Vote for your favorite webcomics creator in Round 7 of the LMC Tournament!

Go Vote for your favorite cartoonist in Round 7 of the LMC Tournament!

Go Vote for your favorite artist in Round 7 of the LMC Tournament!

Go Vote for your favorite writer in Round 7 of the LMC Tournament!

The Return of Tournament Tuesdays!

After two weeks off, I’m getting back in the Tournament saddle, and it’s going to be a marathon!

Since it’s been weeks since I’ve done any kind of promotion, I’m soon going to be posting samples of work by everyone in Round 7 with links to the polls.  You’ll have until about 8pm EST to vote, at which point I’ll post the results and the next round!

So do your civic duty and vote!  And spread the word!

Tournament Tuesdays: Round 7!

I’m so proud of myself, being on time this week.  Again, polls will remain open until 11:59PM EST next Monday.  


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LMC Tournament: Round 6 Results!

On time this week!


Close race, but Weezy Simonson took this round.  Side note: I met her and Walt a few years ago and they are both total sweethearts.


Becky Cloonan took this round, and is also the first comics pro I ever met. (I’m seeing a pattern here…)


Tracy White pulled ahead last minute in this race (I have not met either of these women, and thus ends the streak!)


EK Weaver, I told you what dudes giving each other blowjobs could do for your poll numbers!


Gloria Vasquez’s bold colors carried her across the finish line!

Next round will be up shortly!

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