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Laurenn McCubbin: Womanthology - sorry, I have more questions


I am going to disagree that this “clears the air”. I think that what this points out is that the financial aspects of this anthology are still very much “up in the air”.

  • Why won’t DeLiz create a 501c3, when offered free legal help to do so, when it would save over $20k?

I was under the impression that the free legal help was offered after CA got that statement from her.

  • Why is her printing estimate so high?

I concede the article mentions that without answering it, but maybe someone could answer this for me: How much should it cost?  This is where I plead my ignorance.  I see people, largely indie creators, asking about her printing costs, and I have no idea what to judge them against.

  • Were some contributors actually told to stop complaining online about not getting paid?
  • What’s the big deal about paying them?

I hadn’t heard of anyone being told (at least not by Renae or her husband) to stop complaining.  Of course, I am all for the creators getting paid for their work, but I also am personally acquainted with three women (none of them big names by a long shot) who are contributing to Womanthology, and they are baffled by the fact that all the sudden people are talking about getting paid.  They knew getting into it that it was for charity, and that their work would be done without payment.  It is important to talk the need for artists to assert their value and knowing when to not work for free, but as far as Womanthology goes, no one is getting duped.

  • What are DeLiz’s plans for a separate imprint using this money? WIll she offer a refund to anyone who did not donate so that she could start her own publishing business?

The article points out that her new imprint would be not-for-profit.

  • What is IDW doing? Are they doing anything aside from putting the book in the Diamond catalogue? 

I was under the impression, again from the article, that they were also going to be marketing it— which, given that it’s IDW, I expect has a lot to do with getting it into libraries and schools.  Also, the fact that IDW is in the Big Five, putting the book in their section of Previews will actually help it a lot.  I regularly sit behind the counter at my LCS while the owner explains to me his methodology for ordering books— an oversized hardcover charity book all on its own in the Previews miscellaneous section might get one order from him.  An IDW book has a chance of getting 2-4 orders.

    Look - this money was raised to do a specific project. It has all gotten fuzzy, and the answers are still not there. The reason that I am asking all these questions is a very selfish one, I admit - I don’t want anyone to get so turned off by the super sketchy nature of the finances on this project that they won’t contribute to a Kickstarter project again. (Disclosure - I totally have used Kickstarter and plan to use it again to raise money.)

    I have heard over and over from several people that DeLiz is a great person & a very hard worker. Swell! Awesome! Not saying that she is not these things! I am saying that there a still a great many unanswered questions. This is not an attack on her personally.

    I perfectly understand your concern and frustration, and I wish all of your future Kickstarter projects the greatest success!

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      I perfectly understand your concern and frustration, and I wish all of your future Kickstarter projects the greatest...
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      I am going to disagree that this “clears the air”. I think that what this points out is that the financial aspects of...
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      More on Womanthology — this time, a balanced and well-researched view through the ever-keen eyes of Andy Khouri.
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      New piece of journalism by me.
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