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What It Takes by KEZ

Six years after the human race is nearly destroyed in a complete clusterfuck of circumstance, those that are left have to figure out how to survive in a world they never anticipated outside of nightmares. With over 97% of the global population dead, the majority of cities are are empty, and those still occupied are controlled by gangs warring for control of limited resources. The modern world has ceased to exist, and the weak are exploited by the strong. In short, there is no government, no comforts, and no place for compassion in the cruel, new world. But there is hope. A City in a Place (or rather, A SIT-E in APPLEYS) is said to have an elected government, working technology, and the ability to protect its resources. The City is also looking for new recruits…so long as they meet certain qualifiications. Too bad everyone wants what they’ve got!

Colbey is a martial artist who survives the end of the world. Armed with knowledge, experience and a machete, she is searching through what’s left for a man named Peter Wolfe. 

KEZ makes me look like a total slob, she runs two webcomics (one of which just ended and she is adapting into a prose novel) while in medical school. She also wrote her undergraduate thesis on The Art of Webcomics! Can you say “coolest doctor ever”? She is also a self-described “netflix addict and Terry Pratchett junkie.” You can find her here on Tumblr as kezhound.

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