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Market Monday - Week of March 13, 2013

Featured Book of The Week:


Native American Classics TPB, includes work from Andrea Grant, Weshoyot Alvitre, Tara Audibert, Afua Richardson, and Arigon Starr

Native American Classics presents great stories and poems from America’s earliest writers. Featured are “The Soft-Hearted Sioux” by Zitkala-Sa, “On Wolf Mountain” by Charles Eastman, “How the White Race Came to America” by Handsome Lake, and seven more tales of humor and tragedy. Also eight poems, including Alex Posey’s “Wildcat Bill” and E. Pauline Johnson’s “The Cattle Thief”. The volume is edited by Tom Pomplun, along with noted Native American writers John E. Smelcer and Joseph Bruchac.


More of this week’s comics under the cut!

Archer & Armstrong #8, art by Emanuela Lupacchino

Nothing is forever. So say the Null. “The Wrath of the Eternal Warrior” gears up for its universe-shattering penultimate issue! “Nothing is Forever.” That is the motto of the Null, the enemies of the Geomancers for centuries. Now, at last, the Null have found the key to the utter destruction of all that is — and his name is Obadiah Archer! Can Aram and Gilad set aside their differences long enough to team up against Armstrong’s best friend — and will any of them survive the final battle?


Avengers Assemble #13, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Time to pay the piper… or the psychopathic lizard girl. Black Widow and Hawkeye stand in judgment for the sins of their pasts. Spider-Woman caught in the middle. Natasha don’t drink that, it’s—! …Uh-oh.



Earth 2 vol. 1: The Gathering HC, art by Nicola Scott

Who are the heroes of Earth 2? When the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman of Earth 2 fall in battle, it’s up to a new breed of heroes to come together to combat the returning evil of Apokolips! Collects issues #1-6

Emily and the Strangers #2, written by Mariah Huehner, art by Emily Ivie

Emily’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll, but to attain her dream of making the strangest, coolest tunes ever to grace a radio, she needs to learn to play with others-no easy task with five styles in the mix. There’s a chance that the group can make it big if they find a common tune.

Ghost #4, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

The champagne is poured and the chandeliers are hung for Chicago Mayor Bobby Chamber’s annual Black and White Ball-but Ghost, Vaughn, and Tommy are crashing the party, determined to stop the imposter before he claims another life and tears open a rift between two worlds!



Katana #2, written by Ann Nocenti

Katana has joined the deadly Sword Clan in the hope that they’ll lead her further down her path to vengeance! Katana has been contacted by Steve Trevor—but what does the Justice League of America want with her?


The Manhattan Projects #10, colored by Jordie Bellaire

"FINITE OPPENHEIMERS" An in-depth look at the first decade of the ongoing war inside Oppenheimer’s brain. How far is too far behind enemy lines when the enemy is yourself? MY GOD… IT’S FULL OF OPPENHEIMERS!

Mind the Gap #8, colored and cover by Sonia Oback

"WISH YOU WERE HERE," Part Three The struggle between Katie and Elle’s mind is settled, and the winner still loses, as a difficult choice must be made. An uneasy alliance is formed to clear Dane’s name as Lonnie becomes an even bigger threat. Lives hang in the balance, and more than one person will find Death knocking on their door…

Supurbia #5, written by Grance Randolph

BRAND NEW ARC! PERFECT JUMPING-ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! It’s summertime in SUPURBIA! Dion and Jeremy take Eli and Zari on a vacation as Tia attempts to rescue Batu from Mongolia, her first superhero excursion after coming out of retirement… Hector’s dark magic slowly begins to take hold of Sara as her burgeoning friendship with Hella takes her down a dark path… Eve joins Robbie as he heads to the annual Superhero & Weapons Expo, but will Ruth’s devious plan throw a wrench into the works? The superhero soap continues, only in SUPURBIA!


X-treme X-Men #12, colored by Jessica Kholinne and Gloria Caeli

With reality pulling apart and their Xavier driven mad, the team scrambles to find the tear between dimensions and repair it before it’s too late. But without their Xavier, they’re unprepared for the threat that awaits them.


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