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Are you a lady comics creator with an online store?

I keep seeing all these holiday shopping deals cross my dash and there’s so many it’s impossible to keep track of them all!  I want to help promote your minicomics, prints, t-shirts, etc. so I’d like to collect your links!  Etsy, Big Cartel, even TopatoCo (if you’re special like that!), or just your own site, reply with a link to your shop.  And please reblog so this I can collect links from as many ladies as possible!

  1. aisazia answered: Haven’t got a comic yet but it’s in the works. I don’t know if that count but my store is :D Thanks!
  2. ejbarnes answered: Drowned Town Press is my self-publishing arm.
  3. jojoseames answered:… and…
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  5. futuretips answered:…
  6. swanda answered:… -
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    post on the Ladies Making Comics page if you’re looking for some extra holiday exposure!
  8. zorilita answered: www.mary… and a secret sale at www.mary…
  9. vanitygames answered: Yay!… - mah store!
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    Woo. I just started a shop at society6 - - and as soon as my wrist heals up I’ll be...
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  12. jikoshia answered: I’m part of a lady comic making team! Just posted a few package deals for the holidays.…
  13. xellandria answered: though Bowspirit’s Aim stuff is currently in the minority, haha.
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    don’t actually know if ladycomicfriends aren’t already watching...
  15. gabriellegamboa answered: Howdy, ladiesmakingcomics! This is my Etsy shop with my comics and original art:…
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    Hey there! I’m Kit, and I draw Snap Crackle Pop. I have a shop devoted to SCP related schwag, also containing some...
  18. kitfoxhawaii answered: Cheers! I have a shop for Snap Crackle Pop-related schwa here:… and an etsy too
  19. cafiffle answered: I am selling prints for Doomsday My Dear! doomsdaymydear.storenvy…
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    My name is Kelsey and I have a webcomic called Drop Dead Vince, about an undead teenage greaser skeleton named Vince who...
  22. newlevant answered: Thanks for doing this! My minicomics are for sale at:…
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  27. fionavocado answered: I’ve got mini comics and custom portraits!
  28. kezhound answered: I sell issues and bonus comics of What it Takes!…
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    Oh hey, I guess this is a good way to announce that I’ve opened a StoreEnvy! I only have a couple of things up right now...
  31. fortfootcomix answered: My minicomics can be found at!
  32. sweetguts answered:…
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    Why yes, I have a store!
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