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UGH I wish I had the time for it this year. Not like I can come up with a novel idea though

LOL five days ago, I legit was like “I have no ideas for a novel. I’ll just do a Hero’s Journey!” Then three nights ago I had a crazy ass dream about fascists in an alternate steampunky 1920s and there were vampires maybe? So basically my novel is that? But I really have very little idea where this is going.

Also, I don’t really have time either.  I don’t know what I’m thinking.  I guess I figured I wasted all of my free time when I was a student, and now that I have a full-time job and all, I’m never going to have more time ever again, so why not!

  1. vanitygames said: oh man i totally flailed around for an idea until the day of, when suddenly I found myself dreaming entire stories I wanted to tell. Rock on!
  2. mirakelsey said: I might try when I go on break from school… last year I just rehashed the plot from the year prior to that. There’s an 85% chance that’s what would happen again this year.
  3. ladiesmakingcomics posted this
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