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4: Marvel, or DC? Why? I guess Marvel, for a couple of reasons.  They were the first superhero universe I read (I jumped in with Civil War).  Even before that I mostly knew their mythology from X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons & movies.  I knew about the DC Trinity too of course, but I actually didn’t see much of their other media stuff until after I started reading comics.  Also, I’m just really put off by the DCnU.  I’m one of those people whose favorite characters are pretty off the beaten path, and the New 52 either did away with them entirely or distorted them beyond recognition (A Midnighter who’s not also a devoted husband and father in addition to being a violent BAMF? No thanks.)  I understand wanting better sales, but the scorched-earth policy behind the reboot probably ultimately lost as many readers as it gained.

6: Favorite DC hero. Big Barda.  She’s got all the strength and skills of Wonder Woman, but fewer scruples, and that really appeals to my id.

15: Favorite crime comic. Probably Alias? I don’t read that many crime comics.

16: Worst comic you have ever read and why. Oh this one is hard. I kind of shove horrible comics out of my head pretty quickly.  I guess I’ll say Young Liars by Dave Lapham.  Because while he’s obviously talented, and I liked his weird stuff, he also leaned heavily on a lot of pretty horrible sexist, misogynistic, and homo/transphobic shit pretty much for shock value.

35: Any collectibles, statues, or busts? I’ve started collecting the Eaglemoss lead figurines because they’re small enough that they don’t take up much room in my apartment, they come with helpful pamphlet guides to each character, and they make them of those rarer characters I love that don’t get too many collectibles.  Right now I have Batwoman, Winter Soldier, Lady Sif, Moondragon, Jubilee, Nico Minoru, and Monica Rambeau.

40: Name some comics that have made you cry, laugh, feel frightened, and happy. So many.  SO MANY.  Strangers in Paradise, We3, I Kill Giants, Journey into Mystery, (all of the above = cry) Wolverine and the X-Men (mostly laughs/happy, but some tears ;_;), X-Statix (same), Gail Simone’s Deadpool (all laughs), this Wally Wood short story "The Loathsome" from an issue of Weird Science (all the crys)

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