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Yeah, I'll do this meme-- leave #s in my Ask box!

  • 1: Favorite writer
  • 2: Favorite artist
  • 3: Favorite cartoonist (writes and draws)
  • 4: Marvel, or DC? Why?
  • 5: Favorite Marvel hero
  • 6: Favorite DC hero
  • 7: Favorite single comic issue and why
  • 8: Favorite story-arc of your favorite character
  • 9: Favorite graphic novel, or trade paperback
  • 10: Favorite on-going currently
  • 11: Favorite on-going of all time
  • 12: Favorite indie/creator-owned publisher
  • 13: Favorite horror comic
  • 14: Favorite sci-fi comic
  • 15: Favorite crime comic
  • 16: Worst comic you have ever read and why
  • 17: Least favorite writer
  • 18: Least favorite artist
  • 19: Paper, or digital? Why?
  • 20: Favorite webcomic
  • 21: Favorite manga
  • 22: Any Absolute editions, Omnibi, or oversized hardcovers?
  • 23: Your stance on events
  • 24: If there are only five comics you could only read what are they and why?
  • 25: A book you expected to not like, but ended up enjoying
  • 26: A book you expected to love, but ended up not enjoying
  • 27: Favorite Marvel villain
  • 28: Favorite DC villain
  • 29: Favorite movie based off of a comic
  • 30: Favorite tv show based off of a comic
  • 31: Coolest superhero toy as a kid
  • 33: Do you have a local comic shop? What is it called?
  • 34: Do you order comics off the web? What site do you use?
  • 35: Any collectibles, statues, or busts?
  • 36: Rarest comic book in your collection
  • 37: Any signed books, sketches, or otherwise?
  • 38: If you were to pick the dream superhero book you'd wanna read who would write it, and who would draw it, and what hero would it be about?
  • 39: Crossovers you would like to see
  • 40: Name some comics that have made you cry, laugh, feel frightened, and happy.
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