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The Accidental Candidate: The Story of Alvin Greene

Artist Blue Delliquanti submitted this ages ago, but I decided to save it for this month. Since then, it’s received a lot of press, including from Slate and Rachel Maddow!

bluedelliquanti submitted to ladiesmakingcomics

Thought you’d be interested in sharing The Accidental Candidate, my nonfiction comic with David Axe and Corey Hutchins, went live this week. TAC follows the real-life story of Alvin Greene, an enigmatic, awkward man who unexpectedly won South Carolina’s Democratic nomination for the Senate in 2010, as well as how he becomes a piece of a larger political picture. It’s been a very interesting project to work on this year, for sure.

I had only vaguely heard of Alvin Greene before this, but the three chapters up on the website are absolutely fascinating.  In March 2010, Alvin Greene, an unemployed veteran who was facing charges on sexual harassment following an incident involving showing a young woman internet porn in a college computer lab, decides that he’s going to run for Senate from South Carolina—an absurd idea, until he won the Democratic primary, without even his own website.  Though he lost the general election, his story shows both the best and worst parts of US Politics.

You can buy the book on Amazon or for iOS.

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