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Tournament Tuesdays: Round 4!

Sorry for the delay, life has made very little sense today and this will probably technically be posted on Wednesday.  On to the contests!

Writers: Amy Wolfram v. Christina Weir

Amy Wolfram was a writer on the Teen Titans animated series, then wrote the Teen Titans: Year One miniseries.  She has also contributed to the DC Holiday and Halloween Specials.

Christina Weir, with her husband Nunzio DeFilippis, launched the modern New Mutants and New X-Men.  In addition, they have created their own indie comics at Oni Press, including Skinwalker and Frenemy of the State (with Rashida Jones)

Artists: Amanda Conner v. Colleen Coover

Amanda Conner is best known for her work on Power Girl, Terra, Vampirella, Painkiller Jane, and The Pro.  She was the first woman to crack the Wizard Top 10 Artists list.

Colleen Coover is the creator of the lesbian romance Small Favors and Banana Sunday.  She has also worked for Marvel on Girl Comics, Power Pack, and Age of the Sentry.

Cartoonists: Linda Medley v. Carla Speed McNeil

Linda Medley is best known for her Castle Waiting series. Her pencilling work includes stints on DC Comics’ Justice League America and Doom Patrol, as well as the Galactic Girl Guides for Tundra Press.

Carla Speed McNeil is best known for her sci-fi series Finder. She also worked as an illustrator on the Oni Press series Queen & Country in 2003 and provided a two-page guest-illustrator spot for Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City.

Webcomics: Magnolia Porter v. Monica Gallagher

Magnolia Porter is the creator of webcomics Bobwhite, about students at an art school, and The Good Crook, about the relationship between a Brooklyn waiter/wannabe gangster and his tough-talking, street-wise daughter.

Monica Gallagher is the creator of a number of webcomics, including Bonnie N. Collide, about a roller derby girl’s corporate day job, and Gods & Undergrads, about college life getting mixed up with Greek mythology.

Colorists: Rachelle Rosenberg v. Michelle Madsen

Rachelle Rosenberg has colored comics for Boom Studios’ Pixar line, Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash, and Marvel’s Namora one-shot and Namor: The First Mutant mini

Michelle Madsen is the colorist of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, as well as Marvel’s Agents of Atlas, DC’s Hawkgirl, and indies Fear Agent and Strange Girl.

Go vote! I’ll probably give you more time this week, since I was so late posting it.

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