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Kickstarter o’ the Week!

This week’s Kickstarter o’ the Week (the first in months, I believe /o\) is about that thing that people are getting all hot and bothered for these days.


Jim Ottaviani, who previously teamed up with loads of lady artists to teach the world about loads of great lady scientists, has now teamed up with Natalie Nourigat and public radio to teach the world about their own minds.

A comic book about consciousness?

The idea seemed so crazy… so perfect.

But why? The public radio program To the Best of Our Knowledge is producing a six-hour radio series on the science of consciousness, featuring interviews with many of the leading experts - neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, philosophers, writers, and artists.

We already had a stellar guest list: Oliver Sacks, Richard Davidson and Eric Kandel, to name just a few. But we also wanted to do something entirely new to make all these tricky ideas more approachable. A comic book!

And not just a comic book as a clever gimmick, but an imaginative story using illustrations to explore some of the deepest questions in science: How do our brains work? Are animals conscious? What about computers? Will we ever crack the “mind-brain problem”? And what does all this brain science tell us about the most personal question of all: Who am I?

Who is going to make this happen? We were thrilled to find our talented comic book collaborators, writer Jim Ottaviani and artist Natalie Nourigat. They’ll create a wonderful story to complement what we do on the radio: examining a big subject and making it accessible, engaging and fun. They are ready to start working.


We need YOU to help fund it!

We call To the Best of Our Knowledge “a radio magazine of ideas.” It’s a Peabody Award-winning radio show, distributed by Public Radio International, produced at Wisconsin Public Radio, and aired nationally. We use in-depth interviews, storytelling and sound-rich pieces to explore big ideas.

The comic book and the radio series are both called “Meet Your Mind: The Science of Consciousness.”

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