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I really hate the Idiot Nerd Girl meme, so I decided to stage a cheerful coup with the aid of some friends. Join us?

I suposse that the ‘Idiot Nerd Girl’meme actually makes sense when people pretend to like something just because it’s trendy. I really liked this though. 

Yeah, but if that’s what it’s actually about,

1. Why isn’t there no corresponding Idiot Nerd Boy meme?


2. Why is the gag in the overwhelming majority either her professing enthusiasm for something she doesn’t know about in minute detail, or her self-identifying as a nerd or gamer despite liking a genre other than FPSs or enjoying media outside of the central nerd canon? They’re mocking inexperience and nonconformity, not disingenuity.

(If you’re interested, this is a great summation of one part of the problem.)

This is the best reaction to the whole “fake geek girl” idea!  I especially love “Hasn’t read all 900 issues of Batman / NEITHER HAVE YOU”

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    The Batman one is funny cause it’s too. Unless someone has?
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    In my next life, I would like to find a Nerd girl Gamer Chick that also likes guns and explosives.
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    I was here before many of the nerds that say I’m fake were even born. Not going anywhere, indeed.
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