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The Next Stage of the Women’s Sequential Art Library


I’ve mentioned in the past wanting to turn my collection of women’s comics anthologies, histories, biographies and so on into an actual brick-and-mortar library, or at least a travelling “exhibit”.  I signed up for LibraryThing and ComicBookDB catalogs (and got started with Goodreads), and even created a wishlist spreadsheet!  And while I’m still no closer to actual premises or other library-type things, I have two things.

A dedicated bookshelf in my apartment:

And a logo:

(I’m still taking critiques on this by actual designers, btw)

So naturally I decided the next step was to start a Tumblr!  Conveniently located at, I intend to post reviews of books and issues within the collection and whatever other things I think would be of interest.  And maybe someday I’ll be able to set up a booth at conventions like the Kirby Museum does!

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