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Art/Fic Challenge: The XX-Myn and the LGBTfenders

I’ve been taking part in some absolutely terrible discussions on a message board which shall remain nameless about Marvel Now’s not!reboot.  We have conceived of an all-female team of mutants known as the XX-Myn, and the Defenders’ replacement, the LGBTfenders.

I now require all the fan art and fic of these concepts.

Possibly there will be prizes.  But I make no promises.  Because this is all spur of the moment before I go meet my mom for dinner.

And no, I don’t care what universes the characters come from (though I don’t know how you’d get any non-Marvel characters on the XX-Myn)

ETA: You can also do all-POC teams, but you have to come up with the “clever” team names yourself, because I’m tapped out.

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