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Awesome modern beading on Beyondbuckskinboutique

The cool necklace was made by award winning beadwork artist Summer Peters (Saginaw Ojibwe).

The beaded pendent presents Native American women in a fresh new way: the traditional dress is gone, there isn’t any fringe, no Pendleton and she’s not sitting on a horse looking noble. This is a 2012 version of what Native women can be at all times, an “Ogitchidaa Kwe” or Warrior Woman.Peters learned to bead from her mother and grandmother. She quickly developed her own unique style of beading, and sold her first piece of beadwork when she was a young teenager. In 2012, one of her pieces received an Honorable Mention Award at the Heard Museum’s Indian Fair & Market

I would buy all of her comic books!

(via urbannativegirl)

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