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Tournament Tuesdays: Round 2!

Welcome to the next round of voting!  The first round was very exciting, and I can’t wait to see what happens this round.  Again, you have until 10PM EST next Monday to vote.

Writers: Kathryn Immonen v. Devin Grayson

Kathryn Immonen is the writer behind webcomics Moving Pictures and Never As Bad As You Think, as well as the Marvel series Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Heralds, and a brief run on Runaways.  She is currently writing the Wolverine and Jubilee miniseries.

Devin Grayson has written for many Bat-titles for DC, including Batman Chronicles, Gotham Knights, and a five-year run on Nightwing. She has also written on The Titans and the Vertigo series USER.  She has since moved into video game writing, but she contributed a short X-Men story to Marvel’s Girl Comics

Artists: Emma Rios v. Sara Pichelli

Emma Rios came to the American comics industry from her native Spain with Hexed from Boom Studios.  She then moved to Marvel and drew the Strange miniseries, written by Mark Waid. Her work had also appeared in such titles as Runaways, Amazing Spider-Man, and Girl Comics. She is currently drawing the miniseries Osborn.

Sara Pichelli is an Italian artist who was one the winners of the “Chesterquest” international talent search and since worked for Marvel Comics on titles like NYX, Eternals, X-Men Manifest Destiny: Dazzler, and Runaways. She’s currently working on the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

Cartoonists: Marjane Satrapi v. Faith Erin Hicks

Marjane Satrapi is an Iranian-French cartoonist best known for her memoir Persepolis about the Islamic Revolution in the ’70s, which she turned into an animated film with Vincent Paronnaud.  She has also created the books Chicken with Plums and Embroideries.

Faith Erin Hicks is a web- and print cartoonist who created the webcomic Demonology 101 and the graphic novels The War at Ellsmere, Zombies Calling, and Brain Camp.  She is currently working on Friends with Boys for First Second and the webcomic Superhero Girl.

Webcomics: Elena “Yamino” Barbarich v. Meredith Gran

Elena “Yamino” Barbarich is the creator of webcomic “Sister Claire” about a young nun who is pregnant with the new Messiah, a fact she was informed of by a blue businesswoman-angel in the convent bathroom.

Meredith Gran is the creator of Octopus Pie, which focuses on the misadventures of two 20-something women living in Brooklyn. Gran also helps organize Webcomics Weekend, the only annual convention solely for webcomics.

Colorists: Adrienne Roy v. Lynn Varley

Adrienne Roy was a colorist for DC Comics throughout the ’80s and ’90s, largely on the Batman books, as well as The New Teen Titans and Madame Xanadu.  She passed away last month at the age of 57.

Lynn Varley is a colorist best know for her collaborations with Frank Miller, including Ronin, the legendary The Dark Knight Returns, and 300.  She also worked on the 300 film, helping to digitally color the backgrounds.

Now get voting and spread the word!

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