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What I Woke Up To This Morning

  • My Intro to the Wiki: Comics have long been a male-dominated field, but they have never been exclusively male. Female creators have been around since the beginning, and they are growing in prominence in today's market. We wanted an area independent of any other wiki or database to really focus on women's contributions to comics...
  • Tough-Guy Anonymous Editor in the Night: ...even though it is mostly just a waste of time. Yes, this will cause friction since we are trying to play the damsel in distress without the need for it to happen, since the comic world is quite well saturated with females, so a creation of this site is really just an issue with overacting with the previously describe pretences.
  • My Response: Thank you for illustrating so clearly why such a wiki is necessary. If you feel like your hobby is so threatened by acknowledgement of the vast history of women involved in it that you feel the need to vandalize and leave impotent, passive-aggressive notes anonymously (you coward) on a free and open forum, then it is clear to me that the "females" that do indeed saturate the comics world are still not completely welcome and could use a place that chronicles their achievements and celebrates them.
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    As John just said out loud (about something else, but it applies here): “Why are so many people so wrong?” - RD (I...
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    If only they were all like Linkara. *sigh*
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    Whoo! You go, girl! (cliche answer) I’m a frequent wikia editor, gonna have to get used to jerky anons. I’ll drop on by...
  5. monocoleporter said: Wikis are basically home to a huge percentage of douchebags, as someone who patrols The Vault wiki, they all get a huge share of lame vandals. Just ban their IP and make fun of them :P
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    Dudes proving, once again, that they Just Don’t Get It. (with apologies to those who do.)
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