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After much banging of my head against the wall and rending of garments (or really, pouting in front of my computer), I have accepted both that my grown-up work schedule severely limits my blogging time no matter how I try to slice it, and that a lot of the news I want to let you all know about doesn’t really merit full-on posts most of the time.

I’ve tried link-posts in the past, but they’re almost as much work as single-subject posts I write from scratch.  Plus, the links tend to just pile up in my drafts. I could just link each story-source in its own post as the come out without further commentary, but that clutters up your dashboards and RSS readers, and would frankly make me look lazy.

Fortunately, the Internet has provided me the perfect solution.  If you are on the front page of LMC, you’ll have already noticed the new widget at the top of the page under the header, a newscrawl filled with nothing but articles about ladies in comics!  It shows the latest posts that I’ve curated to my account, aggregating the best of the News You Need to Know™ about women in comics!

So if you ever find yourself wondering “What’s happening with ladies in comics today?” you can just click over to and find the latest news, reviews, previews, and interviews from all over the Internet that you don’t have time to dig around for floating across the top of your screen!  If you want to go further back in time, you can click over to the LMC archive, or if you don’t mind all these links cluttering your RSS reader, you can subscribe directly to it. And with the basic news taken care of, I can focus more of my energies on posts of more substance.

This widget is also the first step in the site’s redesign that will get underway soon after I complete my CSS course.  I’m playing around with ideas now that I’m really excited about, so stay tuned!

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