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Market Monday

Marceline and the Scream Queens #2, by Meredith Gran, colors by Lisa Moore; back-up story by Faith Erin Hicks; covers by JAB, Yuko Ota, Erica Henderson, and Jen Wang

JOIN FAN-FAVORITES MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEN AND PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM FOR ROCK-FUELED EXCITEMENT IN THIS ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! Now that Princess Bubblegum is properly prepared to rock, it’s time to meet the band…the groovy ghoulish SCREAM QUEENS! Written and drawn by acclaimed cartoonist Meredith Gran (OCTOPUS PIE) and featuring a back-up story from Faith Erin Hicks, with variant covers by Yuko Ota (JOHNNY WANDER). ADVENTURE TIME #1 and #2 sold out before they hit stores! Don’t miss out!


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