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Golden Age Archaeology!

As I mentioned in my post introducing the Women in Comics wiki, the idea grew out of my desire to give some Golden Age lady-creators their due.  The list I have to work with is both daunting and incomplete— which is all the more thrilling because of what it means for the history of women in comics!

Here’s the thing, I love early comics history.  It has a very appealing arc and mythos— American Jews react to the atrocities perpetrated on their people overseas, invent new heroes to fight for them; An anarchic, artistic free-for-all comes under fire from The Man and a guy who looks like your burly, crazy uncle faces down the US Senate, and though he fails to save his company, he has given the world some of the greatest works of social commentary and satire ever by truly fantastic artists.

But like so much of history, the legend is hardly the whole story.  And it’s high time we continue Trina Robbins’s work, put the Internet to use, and uncover as much of it as we can.

On the Golden Age Talkpage on the wiki, I’ve posted a list of Golden Age creators that I extracted from David Hajdu’s The Ten-Cent Plague.  If you’re at all curious, or even just bored, try running a few names through Google, Lambiek, or ComicBookDB and see what you get.  If you don’t want to write a whole article, just leave some notes and links next to their names.  And let’s dump this myth of “Historically, women weren’t involved in comics” once and for all!

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