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well as you know, most people are 14 year old white boys who probably would prefer another Hulk movie.

I would not mind another Hulk movie now that they got him right!  However, they also got Black Widow right, and she’s never had her own movie before, so it’s pretty much her turn.

  1. george-orr said: obviously I was playing devil’s advocate lol. I don’t think Hulk can really carry a film by himself. there was just the right amount of Hulk in the Avengers film. I’d love a Black Widow film.
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    Can’t we just have a Hulk-and-Black-Widow-kick-the-asses-of-the-entire-world movie? I mean, come on, I’m a long way from...
  3. frostfalls said: Even if we’re going with the fourteen year old boy thing, you can’t tell me that a lot of them wouldn’t like to watch Scarlett Johansson play Black Widow again. If we’re just being shallow here, I mean.
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    A Black Widow movie would quickly become my favorite thing.
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