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If you really want to show DC there’s an audience for a benched character, I think the best kind of campaign would be to have everyone go to comixology and buy the same comic on the same day. Literally vote with your dollars.

Anyone can send a letter, but if there was a massive amount of downloads it would prove there are people willing to pay for comics about Cass or Steph or whoever.

Just throwing that out there.

Now there’s a good idea.

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    Now there’s a good idea.
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    Love how when it’s a girl or a poc and the book doesn’t sell well, it’s because the character isn’t compelling enough,...
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    I’d actually considered that, since the big excuse for stripping Cass of the Batgirl mantle was “LOL her mini-series...
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    This is actually a really good idea if we could organize it…
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