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I was playing around with the LMC Facebook page (which I have resolved to start using more regularly) and came upon the “Create an Ad” page.  Now, I don’t have the money to be running ads, but out of general curiosity, I decided to see what went into the advertising process.  I was soon prompted to “choose my audience,” and things got interesting.

It occurred to me that I could do a (wildly unscientific, but still notable) survey of the self-identified comics fans on Facebook.  I decided to set some national and linguistic boundaries— which is to say I stuck with English speakers in the US and UK, which is basically the reach of Diamond distribution.  And here’s what came up:

1,167,780 people
  • who live in one of the countries: United States or United Kingdom
  • who like #Comics, #Comic book, #Graphic Novels, #Graphic novel or comic books
  • who speak English (US), English (UK), English (Pirate) or English (Upside Down)

Then came the part I was really curious about.  I toggled the “Gender” radio buttons from “All” to “Men” and then “Women”.

  • Male comics readers comprise 732,300, or 62.7% of the readership
  • Female comics readers comprise 429,320, or 36.7% of the readership
  • And roughly .5% do not identify (on Facebook at least) as either gender.

So as comics publishers move forward—possibly even, say, attempting a relaunch or salvaging a reboot—they would do well to remember who more than a third of their potential audience is.

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    Some interesting numbers on people who self-identify as comics fans on social networking site Facebook.
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    Because it’s easier to ignore a problem than actively work to fix it.
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    i wish someone could explain to me why DC is shitty and fudges these numbers to make their female readership look really...
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