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Really, the real question we should be asking is “Who is DC’s Storm?”

  1. cyborgprincessing answered: If you talk in terms of popularity, no one. But close would, imo, be Vixen if they put her back on the JLA
  2. transradical answered: Vixen?
  3. thewayilikecomix answered: They try to make Vixen as her, but they failed…none is like ‘roro!
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  6. kanjogirl answered: Starfire. Without a fucking doubt. They’re spirit animals, tbh. When the rest of the team can’t make the decision, Storm &n Starfire do it
  7. drivenbats answered: Vixen is similar. She is African and has powers that are related to nature. Storm uses weather and Vixen uses animals.
  8. brainthrob answered: Princess Projectra is a strong willed leader type. She even went through a “mohawk” phase in the 80s when she became Sensor Girl.
  9. shaolinsuckerpunch answered: Vixen! How could everyone forget her?
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    As in a BAMF Woman of Color…Talia or Starfire would be the first two in my mind, preboot of course. Now, I have no idea.
  11. mitaukano answered: Starefire or Raven. Sigh no ladies of color pop into mind Thunder is too whiny….
  12. proper-superhero-shit answered: Starfire.
  13. jadinerhine said: Now there’s a question for the ages! O: Hmm…for some reason Black Canary popped first in my head, so I’ll go with her :)
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