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There is definitely a way women approach erotica that differs from what you might consider standard output. Smut Peddler has a lot of stories where the centerpiece of the relationship is the emotions being experienced by the people involved; that’s not something you see very often in mainstream porno, which tends to focus on mooshing body parts together. If I were to start dealing in broad generalities, I’d say ladies like context. It’s something women who make porn tend to include, and its absence from porn by male authors and creators can be distracting. Guys (broad generalities again) don’t tend to care WHY the sex is happening. And I wanted some assurance, however imperfect it may ultimately be, that the WHY of the situations would matter, and, as a result, would wind up being sexy to a female audience.
Spike Trotman Talks to ComicsAlliance about “Smut Peddler”
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