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I’m still catching up on the news and such from last week when I was either a) paneling at a convention, b) laid up with the worst food poisoning of my life, or c) entertaining an old friend from out of town who was staying with me (and you can be sure all that was fun to deal with back to back!)

So it is with faint disappointment that I have learned that Pizza Island, the happened-to-be-all-female studio in Brooklyn, which consists of Kate Beaton, Domitille Collardey, Sarah Glidden, Meredith Gran, Lisa Hanawalt, Julia Wertz, and Deana Sobel, will be disbanding at the end of the month after two years.

In a hilarious farewell blog post by Wertz, blame was laid on everyone, from Hanawalt’s parasitic twin Ralph who kept propositioning Wertz, to Gran’s attempts to turn the studio into a dog-fighting ring, the mouse that ate all their peanuts, the discovery that Beaton had been smuggled in from Canada in an accordion case and was being deported, and Glidden’s desire to move to France and live among Communists.

The Beat, however, got the real scoop soon enough, with the much more banal reason that the lease to the studio was about up, and with two members moving away (Glidden and Beaton, to the countries joked about but for different reasons), it just made the most financial sense to call it quits.

My direct experience with Pizza Island is limited to their panel that I attended at MoCCA last March (and wrote up at Bleeding Cool), and it was by far the most fun I’ve had at a panel ever.  They also occasionally held open houses, and I would have liked to have attended one at some point.

All the artists remain friends and are continuing with their work, though Beaton is indeed returning home to Canada, and Glidden will be Artist-in-Residence at Angoulême, France for the next 7 months (go see her photo journal of a day walking around the town!)  I wish them all the best and look forward to everything this lot of talented ladies will unleash upon the comics world!

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    D’awwwww… Take care Pizza Island Ladies! You all are awesome and beautiful!
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    PIZZA ISLAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! this is sad news!
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    This is a sad day. Super talented ladies, I wish you all the best. May Pizza Island live forever in our hearts!
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