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Amanda Conner And Jan Duursema Create Female Superheroes For Nike

Where do you find the most female superheroes created by women today? In advertising for Nike, it seems. Amanda Conner and Jan Duursema have been hired by the trainers brand to design a bunch of advertising materials for their new campaign Make Yourself: A Super Power, demonstrating the abilities of certain clothing from the Nike range for the Winter training season, in the manner of superhero costumes. Expect to see Amanda and Jan’s work in the most unusual of places. And hopefully in a comic book or two along the road, as well.

I am in love with all of these.  And if you click through the link, there’s an awesome layout of sports bras by Amanda that made me giggle— at last, a comics artist who knows what a sports bra is!

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    Reblogging this again because I love it so much.
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    It is extremely exciting to see 1) women actually being active in a less fake manner 2) comic style women who actually...
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    I love you Amanda Conner! :)
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    Amanda Conner And Jan Duursema Create Female Superheroes For Nike
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    this is FANTASTIC.
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    Amanda Conner And Jan Duursema Create Female Superheroes For Nike Where do you find the most female superheroes created...
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