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About Ladies Making Comics

What’s the deal here?

It’s a blog that covers female creators of sequential/narrative art.  I mostly just link to other newsy places and try to get you to buy ladies’ books, but I also try to educate people about creators and/or comics they may have overlooked for one reason or another.  Sometimes I pontificate on other issues related to women in comics, or about how comics history is interrogated from the wrong perspective.  But mostly it’s about the art, the stories, and the women who make them.


The short answer is: because I want to.  The slightly longer answer is: because other people read it, which indicates to me that there is wider interest in the subject.  If you’re looking for long-winded, slightly defensive answer, I call troll on you and claim my 5 pounds.

But really, this blog first came about because I wanted to celebrate some of my favorite contemporary comics creators—who happened to be mostly women!  I also felt that a lot of them weren’t getting the attention they deserved, and it just sort spiraled out from there.

Who runs this popsicle stand?

Me, Alexa.  I am a recent law school graduate near Washington DC who mostly just wants to read and talk comics all day, but I also have a job in contracts administration.  I also appreciate historical costume dramas, British comedy, Futurama, TV shows where people find out their genealogy or the back story of their antiques, and cheesy YA novels about teen witches (and absolutely no vampires).

I must know more!

Here are some interviews I’ve done!

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