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Webcomics Wednesday

Maddy McGee, P.I., written by Britt Baker

Follow private investigator Madison “Maddy” McGee and her team as they attempt to solve cases for which the proper authorities don’t have the time. In Maddy’s world robots walk the streets alongside humans, and crime is still as rampant as ever.

They’ve only known each other for a few years, but these three college grads are almost like family to each other. They all grew up very differently—financially, psychologically, socially—but the chemistry between the trio is perfect. So when Maddy suggested the idea they travel to a new location every year or so as small-time private investigators, the other two didn’t hesitate to agree.

You can follow maddymcgeepi right here on Tumblr. Britt Baker has also has a short story being made into a movie! Subject 1 ”is the story of an almost genetically perfect human…re-stationed to Mars as her one human flaw threatens to destroy her chances of survival on Earth. There she battles her inner demons, and others imprisoned in the station’s cells, known as ‘Subjects’.” Awesome.

Market Monday: All-Ages New Releases - April 16, 2014

Adventure Time #27, covers by Brittney Williams, Sabrina Scott, and Chrystin Garland

This special arc with guest artist Jim Rugg continues!! Finn and Jake might have finally met their match, but what will happen with it turns out that the match isn’t a match at all? Things are getting crazy in the land of Ooo and it looks like our heroes might need someone to save them this time around.


Regular Show vol. 1 TP, art by Allison Strejlau

It’s a comic that is anything but regular! Benson just wants to have a quiet concert in the park…too bad Muscle Man has other plans! Will Mordecai and Rigby be able to stop the moshing before it gets out of control? Don’t miss these brand new adventures, written by cartoonist KC Green (Gunshow) and drawn by Allison Strejlau!


Market Monday: Small Press New Releases - April 16, 2014

Bohemians: A Graphic History GN, includes work by Sharon Rudahl, Sabrina Jones, Afua Richardson, Rebecca Migdal, Summer McClinton, and Ellen Lindner

The nineteenth-century countercultures that came to define the bohemian lifestyle spanned both sides of the Atlantic, ranging from Walt Whitman to Josephine Baker, and from Gertrude Stein to Thelonius Monk. Bohemians is the graphic history of this movement and its illustrious figures, recovering the utopian ideas behind millennial communities, and covering the rise of Greenwich Village, the multiracial and radical jazz world, and West Coast and Midwest bohemians, among other scenes. Drawn by an all-star cast of comics artists, including rising figures like Sabrina Jones, Lance Tooks, and Summer McClinton, alongside established artists like Peter Kuper and Spain Rodriguez, Bohemians is a broad and entertaining account of the rebel impulse in American cultural history.

Curse #4, colored by Tamra Bonvillain

Laney Griffin has shouldered more heartbreak than most. With his son’s life and his own criminal innocence hanging in the balance, Laney must take drastic measures to stay one step ahead. But as the captive werewolf emerges with the full moon and Sheriff Nora Hughes’ forces close in, the hope for survival looks slim—for father and son.


Ghost #3, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

While Doctor October sends her demonic enforcers to attack Elisa and her friends, the White City Butcher captures Tommy and Sloane. Ghost will have to choose between uncovering the secrets of her past and protecting everyone’s future! Interdimensional forces turn Chicago into a war zone in the first arc’s clashing conclusion!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Inferno - Age of Darkness, cover by Tina Valentino

Mercy Dante is back! The Age of Darkness is coming and the players are choosing sides between the evil army of the Dark Horde and the forces of good. Until now, Lucifer, the ruler of limbo, has stayed out of the affairs of the Horde and the and its enemies. But the time has come for her to choose a side. Using her loyal servant Mercy, she is out to prove to the Dark One and his Queen that whichever side she chooses, she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Skyman #4, colored by Marta Martinez Garcia

Fighting for his life thousands of feet above the ground, Skyman faces off against the people who made him a hero—and if he fails, he falls! Literally! They tried to make the perfect weapon, but they got a hero instead. And Skyman intends to act like one, even if it costs him his life!


The Unwritten: Apocalypse #4, cover by Yuko Shimizu

"War Stories," part 3 of 3. Sometimes the closest thing you can find to a friend is your enemy’s enemy. But when Tom tries to enlist the help of Madame Rausch, he discovers that she’s already fighting a war of her own.

Witchblade #174, art by Laura Braga, colored by Betsy Gonia

Is the Witchblade out to reclaim Sara as its rightful host…or is it out for revenge?


Market Monday: Marvel & DC New Releases - April 16, 2014

Birds of Prey #30, written by Christy Marx

As her teammates fall, only Black Canary stands between the utterly helpless Mother Eve and Ra’s al Ghul. If she stands aside, her husband will be saved. If she refuses to fold, everybody else will die! What can she possibly do?


Harley Quinn #5, co-written and cover by Amanda Conner

Sure, Harley has made some enemies along the way. So what happens when a bunch of them show up to kill her dead? She kills them right back, of course! You’ve been warned: This issue contains violence.


Smallville Season 11 - Lantern #1, cover by Cat Staggs

The Green Lantern ring for space sector 2813 was inactive for years after Krypton’s end, until the creation of the Argo colony recalled it to service. As none of Zod’s followers are suitable candidates, the ring’s search brings it to the nearest Kryptonian it can recruit! SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 continues in “Lantern” part 1 of 4!

Supergirl #30, art by Emanuela Lupacchino

In “Red Daughter of Krypton” part 2 of 3, the newest, most powerful Red Lantern finally meets her match! Worldkiller-1 is a cosmic menace from the darkest recesses of Kara’s past, and he will gladly destroy every one of her crimson teammates to get to her…


Ms. Marvel #3, co-written by G. Willow Wilson

The All-New Ms. Marvel has already gained international fame. But in Kamala’s case, star-power comes with a whole lot of… awkwardness. Find out why the most exciting new Marvel hero is also the most loveable!


Amazing X-Men #6, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

Nightcrawler is back at the Jean Grey School! But when Mystique comes calling, he may be returning to the afterlife very soon.


Carnage vs. Deadpool #2, colored by Veronica Gandini

Two red-suited madmen for the price of one! That’s right—good crazy vs. bad crazy, once and for all! And you can bet it’s gonna be a bloody one!


Ultimate FF #1, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

The Future Foundation is all that stands between us and COMPLETE AND UTTER DOOM. Sue Storm, Tony Stark, Machine Man and Sam Wilson face the ONCOMING DESTRUCTION. A mysterious new member will join their ranks, whether they like it or not. Hint: They will not.


Market Monday: Picks of the Week - April 16, 2014

Book of the Week

Operation Margarine GN by Kate Skelly

Trouble tuff girl Bon-Bon and rich girl runaway Margarine make a motorcycle escape from the mean streets of the city to the desolate roads of the desert, holding their own against the elements, biker gangs, and each other.

~Preview~ (PDF)

Singles of the Week

Genesis, art by Alison Sampson

GENESIS, a new graphic novella from Image Comics by Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS, The Punisher, Black Widow) and new comic book artist Alison Sampson (OUTLAW TERRITORY), pairs sweeping visuals with poignant writing in a story that cannot be missed. GENESIS is a trippy journey of creation and destruction as one man finds himself with the ability to manifest anything by thinking it-only to learn that with seemingly unlimited power comes unstoppable terror.


Transformers: Windblade #1, written by Mairghread Scott, art by Sarah Stone

WHO IS WINDBLADE? In the aftermath of DARK CYBERTRON, WINDBLADE takes the planet by storm. But where did she come from-and what does her secret mean to the future of the TRANSFORMERS? A powerful new chapter in the TRANSFORMERS saga begins here!


Translucid #1, co-written by Chondra Echert

The Horse has been the archenemy of The Navigator for years. But The Horse feels The Navigator’s moral compass has been slipping, and even a villain can’t let that happen. The Horse decides to get a closer look into The Navigator’s past that he’s buried deep in his subconsciousness and find out what drives a person to make the right choice, and what propels someone to make the selfish one. Thus begins an exploration of why a young man would take the mantle of a superhero.


Collection of the Week

Adventure Time: Sugary Shorts vol. 1 TP, includes work by Becky Dreistadt, Lucy Knisley, and Georgia Roberson

The sugary short stories from the all-ages smash hit are finally collected in this affordable soft cover! Comic creators from around the world unite to celebrate all things ADVENTURE TIME in this collection of incredibly original mini-adventures. Starring all of your favorite characters from Finn and Jake to Hot Dog Princess and Peppermint Butler, SUGARY SHORTS Volume One is a syrupy salute to the Land of Ooo that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Market Monday: All-Ages New Releases - April 9, 2014

Disney Fairies vol. 14: Tinker Bell and Blaze, written by Tea Orsi, art by Manuela Razzi, Marina Braggio, and Roberta Zanotta

Tinker Bell is Pixie Hollow’s best tinker and she’s always on the lookout for new lost objects that she can turn into amazing, magical inventions! But when Tink goes on a scavenger hunt at the beach, she forgets to invite her firefly friend Blaze. Can these two repair their friendship, or will Blaze leave Pixie Hollow forever? Plus: eleven more exciting tales of faith, trust, and pixie dust!

~Preview~ (PDF)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Great Civil Rights Leader, written by Jennifer Fandel

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s had a charismatic and literate speaker in its leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From his pulpit as a Baptist minister to meetings with Presidents, Dr. King spoke forcefully for the need for every American to be equal, regardless of creed or color.

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, written by Connie Colwell Miller

An avalanche begins with a pebble, and the “pebble” for the Civil Rights Movement was an unassuming woman named Rosa Parks. After a long day at work, she was told to move to the back of the city bus because of her skin color, but Rosa Parks refused because she was tired. Her defiance of the bus line’s rules led to a boycott of public transportation system until the bus line changed their discriminatory policies.

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #4, art by Amy Mebberson

Twilight Sparkle plans to spend some much needed quality time with her brother, Shining Armor, in the Crystal Empire. However, when a mysterious ghost starts haunting the castle, the siblings will have to use all of their combined monster knowledge to save the day!

Regular Show: Skips #6 by Mad Rupert

It’s the final issue and things are crashing down! Will Skips and Ted be able to figure out how to get out of this never-ending cycle of park torture? They might have finally gotten a handle on Mordecai and Rigby but the problem is going to end up being a lot more complicated than that…


Samurai Jack #7, art by Brittney Williams

Samurai Jacqueline and the Scotswoman fight giants and wee folk alike as they struggle to free themselves from the gender-bending curse of the leprechauns. Cartoon Network’s hit animated series continues at IDW!

Market Monday: Small Press New Releases - April 9, 2014

Deceivers #4, colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick, cover by Lorena Carvalho

The tables have turned as Lincoln and Nicky dupe Patrice, tracking her back to Ulysses’ base. But little do they know, the truth is much stranger than the pile of fictions they’ve been dealt…The twists and turns continue to build as DECEIVERS races towards its conclusion!


Flash Gordon #1, colored by Jordie Bellaire

Flash Gordon never fit in on Earth. But on the bizarre planet MONGO, Flash’s thirst for thrills and daring danger makes him the perfect weapon against world-breaking Ming the Merciless and his awful inter-planetary swarms of terror! Can the cocksure Man From Earth funnel his overconfidence into saving worlds, or will the universe fall to Ming? Don’t miss out on THE most exciting ongoing series of 2014 by dream team Jeff Parker (Batman ‘66, Aquaman), Evan “Doc” Shaner (Deadpool, Ghostbusters) and Jordie Bellaire (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel)!


Indestructible #5, colored by Flavia Caracuzzo

With great power, comes great… er… celebrity! Now that the world believes Greg to be a superhero, everyone wants a piece of him – the League of Defenders, Hugo Boss, his roommate, groupies, Hollywood agents, uber-villains, and his mom. Some want to put him on a pedestal. Others want to bury him under one. Ken Kristensen (Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth) takes the reigns for the next arc of Jeff Kline’s Indestructible.


The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #17, colored by Kate Finnegan

The field mice make their play to keep General Jinjur from releasing the dreaded Nome King from his underground prison.

Liberator: Rage Ignition TP, includes work by Alex de Campi, Megan Hutchison, Sally Jane Thompson, Tess Fowler, and Ariela Kristantina

Whether it’s vicious dog-fighting clubs or fur-farms electrocuting and skinning minks, Jeanette Francis and Damon Guerrero have had enough. Using any and all means available to them, Jeanette and Damon not only rescue the animals but also avenge them - delivering harsh retribution to the animals’ captors and tormentors. 1/3 of “Liberator” profits will go to animal rescue initiatives.


Next Testament #8, art by Haemi Jang

Tristan & Elspeth finally reach Providence, but after Wick’s latest strike, their efforts may be in vain. And what does Julian want in Paris?


Rogues! The Cold Ship #1, art by Lolita Aldea

New story arc and new artist! The spectacular art of Lolita Aldea illustrates a new adventure of Bram and Weasel. Their friendship is strong, but it will be put to the test when one gloomy night, a dark ship appears in Geradas’ harbor and the grim crew commands Bram, the northerner, to join them in their deadly quest!

~Preview~ (PDF)

X #12, colored by Michelle Madsen

X faces his greatest challenge of the series as four villains-suicidal maniac Deathwish, stargazing supercriminal Carmine Tango, risk-taking assassin Gamble, and a new threat no one suspected-converge on Arcadia’s lone vigilante … but the cruelest stab of all comes from a friend!

Market Monday: Marvel & DC New Releases — April 9, 2014

Batgirl #30, written by Marguerite Bennett

In this issue, after a sinister game gone wrong, Batgirl confronts a supernatural legend risen from the primordial depths: The Midnight Man!

Earth 2 vol. 2: The Tower of Fate TPart by Nicola Scott

In these stories from EARTH 2 #0 and 7-12 and a story from DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #0, the World Army has begun rounding up the Super Heroes of Earth 2, but for what dark purpose? In an attempt to avoid capture, Dr. Fate and Kid Flash find themselves in the magical realm of Nabu, and Wotan seeks Dr. Fate’s assistance…

Earth 2 vol. 3: Battle Cry HC, art by Nicola Scott

The heroes of Earth 2 take on the forces of Steppenwolf and the Hunger Dogs of Apokolips when all hope is lost in these stories from EARTH 2 #13-19,EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1 and EARTH 2 #15.1: DESAAD. Now a new Batman enters the fray, but is he enough to turn the tide and stop Darkseid?

World’s Finest #22, cover by Emanuela Lupacchino

Following their team-up with Batman and Superman, Power Girl and Huntress have some difficult choices ahead. What’s next for the Worlds’ Finest…and what world will they choose?

All-New X-Men #25, includes art by Jill Thompson and Maris Wicks

OVER-SIZED 25th ISSUE! Artist Stuart Immonen is joined by a practical comic book artist hall of fame for this special landmark issue!


All-New Doop #1, colored by Laura Allred

Living in the margins of the X-Men, Doop has freaked out X-Men and readers alike. However, when he gets deeply involved in X-Men business (and in the personal life of Kitty Pryde!), Doop will be thrust into the spotlight. This adventure will prove that Doop is, in fact, the most powerful X-Man! Written by co-creator Peter Milligan (X-FORCE), covers by co-creator Mike Allred (X-FORCE, FF) and innovative interior art by David Lafuente (AVENGERS, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN)!


Captain Marvel #2, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Higher, faster, further…. WAR?! Captain Marvel forges towards the final frontier—and is thrown into the frontlines of battle. Can this half-alien survive in an all alien-world? The breakout hit of 2012 makes a glorious return!


Deadpool #27, includes story by Gail Simone, colored by Jordie Bellaire

It’s a Deadpool wedding! That’s right-the day you never dreamed would come has finally arrived … Deadpool is getting MARRIED! First up in this ENORMOUSLY OVERSIZED ISSUE is our the main feature-the biggest wedding since that one guy married that other guy as Deadpool and his mysterious bride tie the knot in a tale by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, & Mike Hawthorne! THEN, we’ve rounded up EVERY writer to ever pen Wade’s series to celebrate this magical occasion! No self-respecting Poolophile can miss this one! It’s the most important issue 27 in the history of comics!


Infinity Companion HC, includes work by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Sara Pichelli

All roads lead to INFINITY! As the Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fearless Defenders, the Superior Spider-Man, Luke Cage’s new Mighty Avengers, Wolverine’s Jean Grey School, the Avengers Academy and more face off against Thanos’ invading hordes on Earth, the war’s second front is fought in deep space - where Spider-Woman and Black Widow plot to rescue Captain Marvel, the Avengers battle the Builders, the new Nova takes on Thanos’ forces with help from the New Warriors and Star-Lord debates betraying the entire universe! Collecting CAPTAIN MARVEL (2012) #15-16, THUNDERBOLTS (2012) #13-18, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18-20, INFINITY: THE HUNT #1-4, MIGHTY AVENGERS (2013) #1-3, NOVA (2013) #8-9, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #3-4, INFINITY: HEIST #1-4, FEARLESS DEFENDERS #10, SECRET AVENGERS (2013) #10-11, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2013) #8-9 and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN ANNUAL #1.

Market Monday: Picks of the Week - All Singles Edition, April 9, 2014

Lumberjanes #1 by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, and Brooke A. Allen

WHY WE LOVE IT: Five best friends spending the summer at Lumberjane scout camp…defeating yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons…what’s not to love?!

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls and features five butt-kicking, rad teenage girls wailing on monsters and solving a mystery with the whole world at stake. And with the talent of acclaimed cartoonist Noelle Stevenson, talented newcomer Grace Ellis writing, and Brooke Allen on art, this is going to be a spectacular series that you won’t want to miss.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together…and they’re not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way! Not only is it the second title launching in our new BOOM! Box imprint but LUMBERJANES is one of those punk rock, love-everything-about-it stories that appeals to fans of basically all excellent things.


Coffin Hill #7, written by Caitlin Kittredge

Travel back to the 1950s to witness another fateful night in the Coffin Hill Woods - a night that young Ellie Coffin might not survive! Lost, alone and haunted by the spirits that dwell in the forest, Ellie must find her way home before sunrise or stay trapped with the ghosts of Coffin Hill. Guest artists Stephen Sadowski (FAIREST) and Mark Farmer (FABLES: WEREWOLVES OF THE HEARTLAND) join writer Caitlin Kittredge for this stand-alone story!

Lola #1 by Siya Oum

In the “Wasteland,” Lola, a young woman with a resolve fortified by a lifetime of survival on her own, must journey across the nuclear-decimated United States in order to find the family that was taken from her! As her quest for the truth begins, Lola uncovers the true inhumanity of the Apocalypse, as those who seek to hold power in a new frontier, will do so at all bloody costs — including her life!


Shutter #1, art by Leila Del Duca

Indiana Jones for the 21st Century! Marvel Knights: Hulk and Glory writer Joe Keatinge teams up with artist extraordinaire Leila del Duca for her Image Comics debut in an all-new ongoing series combining the urban fantasy of Fables and the globe-spanning adventure of Y: The Last Man. Kate Kristopher, once the most famous explorer of an Earth far more fantastic than the one we know, is forced to return to the adventurous life she left behind when a family secret threatens to destroy everything she spent her life protecting.


Spongebob Comics #31, includes art by Ramona Fradon, Maris Wicks, and Eleanor Davis

After staying up past their bedtimes, SpongeBob and Patrick vow to go for it and stay up All Night. Their mission, to become “Kings of Night” - and the nocturnal antics that ensue are worth donning those night-vision goggles you’ve been sitting on. Then, Silver Age legend Ramona Fradon (Plastic Man, Metamorpho) joins with Batman scribe Chuck Dixon to weave a tale of Mermaid Man’s run in with true love, in a story we could only call “The Lovely Lure of Lady Mackeral.” Also in this issue: SpongeBob tries out different shapes to improve business at the Krusty Krabb, and poker-playing Pirates try out a new deck of SpongeBob-themed cards. All this plus “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka (Dragon Puncher), tidal trivia by Maris Wicks (Primates), and a back cover by Eleanor Davis (The Secret Science Alliance)!

Market Monday: All Ages March 12, 2014 New Releases

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #3, art by Agnes Garbowska, cover by Amy Mebberson

Featuring the unlikely duo of Princess Celestia and Spike! In need of the birthday present for Twilight, Spike enlists Celestia on an adventure! What seems to be a harmless journey quickly turns into danger for even the mightiest of ponies! Who will save whom??

Peanuts vol. 3 TP, art by Vicki Scott and Mona Koth

Happiness is a new PEANUTS collection, Charlie Brown! The whole gang is back in this third volume, featuring brand new original stories from a variety of writers and artists, as well as classic strips from the legendary Charles M. Schulz. Join the Flying Ace, Linus, PigPen, Schroeder, Sally, Marcie, Franklin, Peppermint Patty, Rerun, and more of your favorite characters in this curated medley of humorous stories that takes readers from the pitcher’s mound to the tiptop of Snoopy’s doghouse.

Regular Show: Skips #5 by Mad Rupert, colored by Whitney Cogar, covers by Mad Rupert, Felicia Choo, and Monica Ray

Skips might finally have a solution to save the world from Mordecai and Rigby—he has to keep them from ever going into the park. With the help of Ted the Time Cop and an out-of-the-loop Benson, maybe Skips will finally be able to escape this never-ending vacation!


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #43, written by Heather Nuhfer

The Mystery Machine pulls into a small town as the gang plans for some rest and relaxation. But the video game Shaggy and Scooby buy has a problem: the game’s villain, Lord Vicious, has been terrorizing the local townspeople! Will they solve the mystery before this menace wins the game?

Market Monday: Small Press March 12, 2014 New Releases

City in the Desert vol 2: The Serpent King HC by Moro Rogers

After their devastating confrontation with Darga and the Sacred Peace, monster hunters Irro and Hari leave the walls of Kevala to seek new lives elsewhere. However, when they discover that the evils of the Sacred Peace have spread far beyond Kevala’s borders, our heroes decide to journey across the wastelands to the prison of the Monster King and release him in exchange for his help in saving the city they love.


Code Monkey Save World #4, colored by Jessica Kholinne

Humanity faces its greatest threat as Zombie Bob’s minions launch their final attack — but Code Monkey and Skullcrusher have turned their back on Earth to fight the Robo Queen on Chiron Beta Prime! Who’s a hero? Who’s a villain? Whither the soul of Code Monkey? And what does curling have to do with all this? The big finish, y’all! Don’t miss it!


Coffin Hill #6, written by Caitlin Kittredge

Eve comes face to face with her nightmare from a decade ago - and this time, she can’t turn away. As innocent lives hang in the balance, Eve must embrace the legacy of the Coffin Witch to put her family curse to rest…or die trying in the final issue of this storyline!

Ghost #2, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

An unlikely ally sneaks Ghost into a secret meeting, where a legion of disguised demons gather around Dr. October-until her cover is blown! Meanwhile, the very human serial killer prowling the streets of Chicago takes a personal interest in Sloane and Tommy!

Last West #4, colored by Liezl Buenaventura

Why did the Wests do it? The answers are revealed in this pivotal issue of the series. And as the mysteries of the West family’s impact on America are put into focus, murder and deception threaten to keep the West’s family’s secrets safe—killing us all slowly in the process.


Witchblade #173, art by Laura Braga, colored by Betsy Gonia

BORNE AGAIN - Even without the Witchblade secured to her wrist, Sara Pezzini cannot escape the corrupting influence of the gauntlet.


X #11, colored by Michelle Madsen

X’s hands were already full with Carmine Tango … Then Gamble reappeared! X thought he killed this suave assassin years ago, but the luck-obsessed murderer is still a player, taking his chances on revenge! Welcome to Arcadia, where the odds are bad … and the bads are odd! The battle for Arcadia builds towards a chaotic climax!


X-Files Conspiracy: The Crow, cover by Miran Kim

Bernard is a decorated state policeman in love with his partner. But their romance is brutally cut short when both die following a high-speed pursuit and fiery car crash involving the Lone Gunmen. Bernard inexplicably awakens to find himself resurrected by an otherworldly crow and with only one thing on his mind: vengeance.

Market Monday: Marvel & DC March 12, 2014 New Releases

Batgirl #29, written by Gail Simone

Dead before sunrise! Batgirl and the Talon known as Strix race to stop the new villain SILVER, who has ties to I, VAMPIRE star Andrew Bennett!

Smallville Season 11 - Alien #4, cover by Cat Staggs

In this final miniseries issue, Lex Luthor needs help, and there’s only one man for the job. And that man is…Otis? Meanwhile, Clark finally makes contact with S.T.A.R. Labs, and Emil has some information that may make the fight against the Monitor survivable.


Hawkeye #17, colored by Jordie Bellaire

"Rio Bravo" - PART 4. The sense-shattering fallout of the Clint vs. the Clown — Clint Barton has been deafened! With the Barton Brothers this battered and bloodied, surely they’ll make easy pickins for the Bros, right? Bro? Seriously? If we do our jobs right THIS time, this issue will be the Dog Issue of Sign Language issues.


Revolutionary War: Motormouth, colored by Ruth Redmond

Colonel Liger, formerly of the evil organization Mys-Tech, has started working as an agent of MI:13, Mys-Tech’s rival agency. Not everything is as it appears, though - because Liger has just discovered that his old team, The Warheads, are still alive - and nothing’s going to stop him from finding them.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

The Crime of the Century, Part 3. Boomerang’s been targeted for death. What does The Beetle know about it? Then, is Overdrive a rat for the feds? And where there’s a rat…there’s a cat. Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber and Rachelle Rosenberg continue the sleeper hit of the year.


All-New X-Factor #4, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

The team takes on their former frenemy, Danger! Brought to you by Serval Industries.


X-Men Legacy #300, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

In observance of the title’s 300th issue, iconic X-MEN: LEGACY writers Mike Carey, Christos Gage and Simon Spurrier return to tell an all-new tale of the X-Men! Mike Carey brings us a story featuring Professor Xavi-oh wait, he’s dead. Well, Christos Gage has penned a tale involving Rog-nope. She’s dead too. And Simon! There’s Simon Spurrier with a story led by Legion, who-oops. Can’t spoil the ending of X-MEN: LEGACY #24. Well…erm…just read it!


Market Monday Picks of the Week: March 12, 2014 New Releases

Book of the Week

Stranger Than Life: Cartoons and Comics 1970-2013 by M.K. Brown

One of the funniest cartoonists of the last four decades, M.K. Brown has accumulated a body of work long savored by aficionados but never comprehensively collected — until now. Stranger Than Life is the first retrospective collection of Brown’s cartoons and comic strips from the National Lampoon from 1972-1981, as well as such other magazines as Mother Jones, The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Playboy; and her comics from underground publications like Arcade, Wimmin’s Comics, Young Lust, and Twisted Sisters. Brown satirizes suburban anxiety and ennui by turning it upside-down and sideways, and her slightly grotesque yet lovable characters are perfectly captured in her restless pen line and delicate jewel-tone watercolors.


Singles of the Week

Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers one-shot, art by Jill Thompson

This standalone adventure is the perfect entry point for readers new to this award-winning series. The town of Burden Hill is defended from monsters and madmen by a brave crew of dogs and cats-and one werewolf hybrid. This book packs serious scares and occasional gross-outs, and sometimes drives readers to tears. Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson return to the characters that won them the 2005 Eisner.


Captain Marvel #1, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Hero! Pilot! Avenger! Captain Marvel, Earth’s Mightiest Hero with death-defying powers and an attitude to match, is back and launching headfirst into an all-new ongoing series! As Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, comes to a crossroads with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will alter the course of her life and the entire Marvel Universe in the months to come. It’s time to go HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER and more in the most super-powered comic around!


Deadpool #25, colored by Jordie Bellaire, variant cover by Katie Cook

"Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.," Part 5 of 5. — First Marvel NOW! title to reach the landmark 25th issue! Avengers doesn’t count. Because. When Deadpool re-killed the reanimated dead Presidents of the United States, Agent Gorman of S.H.I.E.L.D. stiffed him on his well-earned pay. Now, his vengeance is finally wrought! But now that former S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Preston’s consciousness is stuck inside his head, will she be ok with this wreaking? And is all this SHIELD stuff a shameless cash in because of the TV show? Ask guest-star AGENT COULSON


Collection of the Week

Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 4 (vol. 8 & 9) TP, co-written by Christina Weir, art by Shiei

Luna’s control agent, Jennifer Kajiwara, is given an ultimatum by her superiors at the Agency. If Luna fails in her newest mission, Project Luna will be terminated - permanently. As Luna delves deeper into the shadowy organization known as Knightfall, what she learns may not only derail her mission, but it could tear apart her makeshift family, and send her down a dark path from which she may never return. This omnibus edition collects Volumes 8 and 9 of Amazing Agent Luna, Seven Seas’ premier shoujo manga series that blends high school romance with super spy action. It directly ties in with events that occurred in the two-volume Amazing Agent Jennifer prequel, but can be read independently.

There’s six hours to go to back Sequart’s She Makes Comics documentary! The film has already hit it’s base goal of $41,500, and it’s stretch goal of $50,000, giving them the opportunity to make a 15 minute bonus documentary about Jackie Ormes, the first African-American woman cartoonist. Now they’re hoping to close with $55,000 so that they can upgrade all the DVDs and digital downloads to a Special Edition with over 150 minutes of extras, including:
Audio commentary
Extended interviews
Two short intro-to-making-comics featurettes (one for writers and one for artists), featuring some of the biggest writers and artists in comics today giving practical advice on how to get started making your own comics!
All they need to reach that goal is another $2,422, just slightly over $400 an hour. And all it takes to receive the (potentially Special Edition) digital download is just $20! So if 121 of you have been on the fence about backing, or have just plum forgot until now, what are you waiting for?? You’ve got until 3am EST.

There’s six hours to go to back Sequart’s She Makes Comics documentary! The film has already hit it’s base goal of $41,500, and it’s stretch goal of $50,000, giving them the opportunity to make a 15 minute bonus documentary about Jackie Ormes, the first African-American woman cartoonist. Now they’re hoping to close with $55,000 so that they can upgrade all the DVDs and digital downloads to a Special Edition with over 150 minutes of extras, including:

  • Audio commentary
  • Extended interviews
  • Two short intro-to-making-comics featurettes (one for writers and one for artists), featuring some of the biggest writers and artists in comics today giving practical advice on how to get started making your own comics!

All they need to reach that goal is another $2,422, just slightly over $400 an hour. And all it takes to receive the (potentially Special Edition) digital download is just $20! So if 121 of you have been on the fence about backing, or have just plum forgot until now, what are you waiting for?? You’ve got until 3am EST.

Picks of the Week: February 26th New Releases

Book of the Week

Insufficient Direction by Moyoco Anno

From the pen of internationally renowned comic artist Moyoco Anno, comes a biography of one of the animation world’s biggest and most polarizing names, her husband Hideaki Anno. Long before Hideaki Anno married Moyoco Anno, he was known as the creator of one of the most popular animated works of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion. But little was known about the author’s personal life. Along came comic artist Moyoco Anno, then came love, then came marriage and then came a comic about how she changed his life. Hopefully for the better.

~Preview~ (Japanese)

Singles of the Week

Samurai Jack Special: Director’s Cut, includes art by Lynne Naylor

BACK TO THE PAST! As the evil demon Aku takes over the ancient world, the fate of the world rests in the hands of a noble samurai warrior. But when Aku blasts him into the future (a future ruled by the shapeshifting demon), Samurai Jack must find a way to return and right the wrongs of the past! This special Director’s Cut reprints the classic adaptation of the first three episodes of Samurai Jack, along with bonus pages and commentary from creator Genndy Tartakovsky and artist Bill Wray!


Superman: Lois Lane one-shot, written by Marguerite Bennett, includes art by Emanuela Lupacchino and Meghan Hetrick

Lois Lane is known for chasing down stories - but what happens when the story is her family? As her father gains more power in the government, Lois’s sister Lucy has become involved with a deadly drug scene! Meanwhile, Lois thought she was rid of the influence of Brainiac, but now she finds that the the computer tyrant of Colu is calling out to her again!


Tomb Raider #1, written by Gail Simone

Superstar writer Gail Simone picks up Lara Croft’s story where the smash hit Tomb Raider game left off-in a new ongoing comics series! Following the game acclaimed for its bold and sophisticated new vision, this series launches Lara Croft on the formative adventures that will change her life forever! The official continuation of Lara Croft’s story! The 2013 video game sold over 3.5 million copies! "Tomb Raider is the quintessential example of a reboot done right."-Gaming Trend


Collection of the Week

Angel & Faith vol. 5: What You Want, Not What You Need TP, art by Rebekah Isaacs

Angel’s quest to restore Giles’s life has entered its last stage. As he and Faith prepare to carry out their task and resurrect an old friend, Season 9’s Big Bads enter the last phase of their own plan to restore balance to earth.

Forgive me fair readers, for this is it for Market “Monday” this week. I have a big project going on at work right now which is just burning through my ADHD meds every day. But if you want to know all about mitigating excessive subcontractor pass-through in cost-reimbursable contracts with civilian government agencies, pull up a chair!

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